• Howl Carter

Top 5 things to do in London (Part 2)

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

2. Take on the city by bike

If you're from St. Louis you've seen the Limebike craze pop up over night. Much like the Limebike, London's Santander Cycles are pretty similar. You pay by card and away you go. Bike riding was so much fun and made getting around much easier and faster.

3. Make time for English Tea

I am a tea drinker from time to time but it's still an adjustment for me. But while in London you must have authentic English tea with milk.

Surprising it wasn't too bad... but I'll take the experience for what it is and I'll leave in London until next time.

4. Fish & Chips Anyone

Fish and chips, its the meal I would always here about growing up as a kid when I watch movies about London. So when I arrived in London it was definitely something I had to check off of my to-do-list. I'm happy to say I can check it off of my list and it was delicious.

To my surprise the peas were not so good and the lemon beverage I had wasn't to best. But London's signature dish, the golden crispy fish and chips melted in my mouth! I left that restaurant full and happy for sure.

5. Take a photo at a Red Telephone Booth

As much fun as you will have, you can't forget to take pictures. My favorite thing to do is to take cool photos while out and about don't be afraid to look like a tourist. Snap away!

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