• Howl Carter

The Sky should be their limit...

Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Recently I've been doing a lot of thinking. I've been reevaluating my why, questioning my purpose and thinking about what are those core things that I am truly passionate about. Honestly, there has been so much on my mind lately and many people are having similar experiences. With the recent murder of George Floyd and other unjust murders and acts, resulting in unrest and uproar by not only our nation but those from all over the world; their is an uneasy, tired, angry and yet sad feeling that often takes over. The fact that as a Black person in America we often have to know that injustices will happen to us and have continued to happen, it is unacceptable and far too common. To top that off, come the end of this month my job of the last four years will no longer be my job anymore. Due to "budget cuts" and Covid-19 I was given notice that soon I won't have a job. This really came as a shock. This was my first "real" job after college, I lived so much life while having this job. So now what? What's next?

So many questions I have for myself but for now these questions will go unanswered for the moment. What I do know is that time doesn't stop moving forward for anyone. Responsibilities don't stop, family doesn't stop needing you, bills don't stop needing to be paid. In the midst of so much happening, I'm on uncle duty while my little niece and nephews are in town visiting for a bit. They've looked at me everyday with all their innocence not realizing that protests are happening in the city we're in, in the city they live in and in many cities all over and that social unrest is engulfing our nation or that uncle will soon be jobless. They don't know that not everybody see's what they've only known as their"beautiful brown skin" is not viewed as beautiful by everyone. They don't understand that their skin color is often seen as a threat. Today they again woke up looking at me only knowing that I'm their loving, cool, creative and just a little bit different uncle. They know my love for them is unconditional. And honestly, I never want to let them down and I wish they could remain children, hold on to their innocent and naive view of the world. Seeing the world as one that values and appreciates them. I wish I can somehow shelter and keep them safe forever. But we all know the sad truth. They won't be 5 and 4 years old forever, their cuteness will eventually only be seen as Blackness and they too will eventually understand all the realities of the world we live in.

This project in many ways of is so symbolic. Even though the world may put barriers in their way. I dream that the sky won't even be their limit! The work continues...

The messages that we are taking in can be and are traumatic as adults. The subconscious messages and conscious messages that we see in the media about Blackness and what it means to be Black are continually impacting not only how we view our selves but will likely influence how little Black people will grow to view themselves and their Blackness. The history that we are taught and the spaces that we occupy all play a huge role as well. Sadly, all Black children aren't able to live lives shielded from harsh realities because their Black siblings, parents, cousins, uncles and even classmates are targets and sometimes they themselves are targets. My niece and nephews as little black people will one day not be so little and us adults in their lives may not be able to protect them from this big scary world forever.

I'll continue to shower these little ones with love and educate them with knowledge that will help them be smart, vigilant and aware Black adults one day. Today I wanted to do dedicate the day to them. Today I wanted do something with them, a fun project just for them to remind them that the sky should be their limit and even the sky shouldn't be a barrier. My 4 year old nephew wanted to build a spaceship. So you know what we did? We did just that, we built his spaceship. As him and my niece often say "sharing is caring" we all worked together to get the goal completed. We constructed, taped, stapled and painted what they saw as unrealistic and made it happen. We built a spaceship!

Right now, these little guys are keeping me smiling during a time when sometimes all you really want to do is cry. And I'm trying my best to do the same for them. I and so many others have to stay strong for the little Black people in their lives.

I hope you had fun on today's adventure with us! Keep using your voice, so little Black voices like these never have to be silenced.

Here are ways and resources you can use to elevate Black voices today. Visit HERE.

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