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Singing 101 ft. Vocalist Elisha Jewel | Howl carter (Video Included)

Updated: May 21, 2020

Ciao Humans!

When you were a kid, did you ever dream about being an astronaut, ballerina or doctor? What was that one thing that you always wished you could do but as you got older you just let die off? That seems to be a real thing, letting life happen and letting your dreams die along the way. Well, not for me! Growing up, I loved watching Andre 3000, Beyonce and even Tina Turner singing on stage, dancing and commanding the stage! I loved that they were so outside of the box and in a way I felt so connected to their artistry. Today we see artist like Janelle Monae being the face of a movement of modern music and performance. The risk that comes with exploring fashion and entertaining I find to be so inspiring.

I decided to hold on to a bit of nostalgia! So in the newest upload, singer and songwriter Elisha Jewel joins me and gives me one on one singing lessons. She coached me with a Beyonce only soundtrack playlist as we laughed and developed my little voice into something to be proud of (as best as possible that is). Watch the video below to see this hilariously entertaining vocal lesson. Part 2 is also available!!!



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Song: 90zRNB

Song: Belong to You

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