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Oversized Utility Jacket - Sewing Tutorial - (Video Included)

Updated: May 21, 2020

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Ciao Humans,

What is that one thing that you're truly passionate about? I'm sure there is something. For myself, art has always been my thing, my passion. Trying new skills, experimenting and figure out how to add a new artistic skill to my resume gives me a all-natural high. As an artist and lover of fashion I've always been obsessed with styling my outfits, coordinating and contrasting colors and creating a mood with the clothes I wear. I love the way that clothes often make me feel like a chameleon, allotting me the ability to take part in varied worlds just by way of my wardrobe, explore self expression and play with new modes of feeling. I remember watching, 'Project Runway', when I was younger and I thought it was so cool to be able to create your own clothes. However, I could never imagine creating my own clothes all by myself.

Often I've taken to customizing my own clothes. I found it to be a happy medium, hand embroidery and silkscreen printing on my denim jackets and pants have been my go-to fashion diy staples for a while. They've always made sense to me, I picked up the skills without really trying and honestly they came easy. But sewing is something that I never could really wrap my head around. It challenged me and put me at a stand-still. About a year ago, I went out and bought a sewing machine and I thought I would just easily pick up the art of sewing. It didn't happen quite like I thought. I found sewing to be so intimidating. I did try a couple small projects like making a simple wine cozy and hemming a pair of pants, I even got a professional sewing lesson. But after that I didn't keeping practicing. Honestly, sewing still freaked me out and made me so anxious. Art had never done that to me before, art has always been my safe haven until this point, no matter the medium or mean of expression. I remember at one time pressing the pedal on my sewing machine and I would literally be shaking. It was so strange to me.

As a artist, I can usually watch and learn, practice and easily catch on, no sweat. Many people know I knit, silk-screen, dabble in drawing, painting and much more. It has been very rare I couldn't at least grasp the basics of an artistic skill. So sewing became something that I needed to figure out, for my own sanity and for a sense of peace, if even just at its most basic level. I took to YouTube not to just create a video but to learn how to sew. I began watching YouTubers like WithWendy where I watched how she used her basic sewing skills to make clothes, jackets, bags, etc. The fact that she isn't a super technical seamstress or design guru gave me hope that I too could sew something halfway decent. I watched literally all her sewing videos as well as other YouTubers that did sewing projects too. And not so long after, a light bulb clicked in my head and here we are, only a short month later. I like to think I've conquered my fear of sewing and have come out on the other side with a beautifully crafted oversized utility jacket.


Today I bring you all along with me on my sewing journey. And this was really a challenge. Today I show you how I created this utility jacket and along the way, I describe how I sewed this project. I don't have a background or much advanced knowledge of sewing and garment construction. I don't know the technical language but I'm sure you'll still get the picture. Check out my YouTube tutorial below to see how I created this mustard masterpiece and don't miss the behind the scenes/blooper video of my lookbook of the finished Utility Jacket at the bottom of this blog!

Oversized Utility Jacket Tutorial Video

BLOOPERS/Photoshoot behind the scenes

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