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OOTD#1 [KUFI down to my socks]

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

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Ciao Humans! I hope all is well.

Take a look at how I elevated this classic outfit with my favorite kente print kufi hat.

For today's look I decided to put a twist onto a classic outfit. It gives you a little bit of Danny Zuko vibes with more than enough André 3000 feels to top the look off with a dollop of seasoning and culture. With so much hype around Marvel Studios Black Panther's recent All-Star cast movie premiere and the start of Black history month I was inspired to do this look.

Outfit Stripdown:

-Faux leather jacket (Forever21)

-White t-shirt

-Blue denim jeans (H&M)

-Black boots (Forever21)

-Kente print kufi (Etsy: AfricaQueenBe)

-Beaded bracelets (Aldo)

-Human heart necklace (Earth Bound Trading Co.)

-Pinky ring (Plowsharing Crafts)

To give a little history on the significance of the African kufi, it is a small hat worn by men in many African countries. Typically it is not an everyday head wear but is often worn for religious purposes, special occasions and events such as weddings and other celebrations. The most common color of the kufi is white, however they come in a number of colors and styles depending on the intended purpose. In the United States today we see the kufi hat worn most often as a symbol of cultural pride, specifically in music and fashion.

My personal style has truly been a journey, it constantly shifts, changes and evolves as I'm always finding new inspiration. I've never been afraid to stay one foot outside of the box with my style. And even though I'm sure there were times that I've looked a fool, I remember that it's a process and that finding what kinds of clothes make me feel most authentic and embody my self expression are what matter the most.

When it comes to my style, I love bright colors, sometimes I go a bit overboard with accessories and some form of a Canadian Tuxedo is often my go to outfit of choice. According to many of the fashion and style gurus out there, I break too many rules within the metaphorical style "guidebook" to be considered stylish. What's the point of having personal style if can't use it to express yourself the way you want to?

I've always had an interest in fashion, gathering style inspiration from what ever I can whether it be magazines, t.v., social media or street style. My motto when it comes to my style is, "some people simply put on clothes, but I get dressed!"

Outfit Modifications:

One thing I like about this look is that you can dress it up or keep it casual. If the kufi is a bit much for you, you can switch it out for a black leather baseball hat or wear no hat at all. For a slightly dressier look, instead of the white t-shirt and casual black boots wear a white button up shirt, black leather chelsea boots and even black denim pants for an even sleeker look.

Here are two tips I suggest you incorporate into your daily fashion starting today to elevate your personal style.

Tip 1: Always wear at least one accessory, whether it be a watch, bracelet, necklace, ring, etc. It shows intention in your style, adds personality to any outfit and it is a great way for a new person to have a reason to strike up a conversation. I personally always wear a pinky ring and a few beaded bracelets. People constantly ask me where I got my rings from.

Tip 2: Ditch those dull out of the box shoe laces that came with your shoes and add a pair with a pop of color to give your shoes some idiosyncrasy. No, you don't have to do this for every pair of shoes you own but give it a try and see how many people begin to notice your shoes. I have had the faux leather black boots from this look for a while now and the subtle shoe lace change added so much personality and the compliments role in consistently every time I wear them.

These are little steps you can take that don't cost much money and make a huge difference in how you look and will instantly elevate your look.

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