• Howl Carter

OOTD#2 [In an orange Grove]

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

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Ciao Humans! Hope you had an eventful Valentine's day!

We're back with an outfit of the day! Earlier this week we released a DIY tutorial video showing how Howl of silkenhavoc.com made this super cool and colorful t-shirt. Read on to check it out the DIY tutorial and see how Howl styles it in today's outfit.

Outfit Stripdown:

-Graphic t-shirt (DIY - click here for tutorial video)

-Pea coat

-Necklace (silkenhavoc)

-Drop crotch black cropped pant (H&M)

-Leather/Suede boots ( Aldo)

-Scarf (silkenhavoc)

The truth is I honestly loathe winter but I love winter fashion. I love layering my clothes and wearing knitted scarves but when it comes to the below freezing temperatures, ice storms, wind chill, snow and lack of sun... those can go right into the trash. Having been born and raised and currently living in St. Louis, getting use to the manic weather is something that I'll never fully get accustomed too. One day it's 60 degrees and the next day its 4 degrees. You would think that after living in Wisconsin during four years of college, St. Louis weather would be a breeze. Nope.

This T-shirt is so full of color and character I thought it'd be more than fitting to pull out my bright orange pea coat to wear with it. There's no blending in with this outfit, my only choice is to stand out and that's perfectly fine with me.

This coat was actually given to me as a gift about a year ago, and what a gift it is. It adds just a little extra something to my outfit every time I wear it. Sometimes I wear this coat as a statement piece and it alone can elevate any look. As you know I'm a guy that's not afraid of color and I try to incorporate a bit of color into my daily style whether it be a hat, bracelet, or whatever.

See how Howl created this shirt in our tutorial video click here.

Without the coat I like that this look still has a sleek look to it.

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