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OOTD#5 {Paris Edition}-[I know You See Me]

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Who would have ever imagined I'd be blogger about my adventures in Paris but here I am!

In a place like Paris, fashion is all around you. When I found out I would be traveling to Paris, I began to plan out the design for a piece I'd like to wear while there. I knew I wanted to create a wearable self portrait but what should I put it on? A t-shirt, a jacket, so many options to choose from. I decided to design a self portrait on a grey denim vest. I wanted to create the portrait on an item I can wear multiple times but that still can stand as a statement piece. Click here to see how.

Outfit Stripdown:

-Denim Vest (DIY - click here for tutorial blog post)

- Striped shirt (H&M Timesquare, NY)

-Cropped stone washed denim pant (ASOS)


As I wore my outfit around the city, I was over joyed. Wearing my own creations bring me so much joy. I'm sure other creators understand.

Their is a great sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with knowing that my thoughts and sketches are now a beautiful piece of artwork. Artwork that my hands and my own efforts have made. Not only is it art that I have created but its art that I can also wear. And as a lover of clothes , my mind blown!

In Paris I explored the city and took snapshots in various parts stopping in cool scenic areas, places that housed eccentric and bold colors all while sightseeing. It is a dream come true.

National Academy of Music, Paris

Don't forget to check out the name customization! I love this shot.

What's on the menu?

Location: Frog Pub, Paris

Pulled Pork Burger

loché d'épaule de porc fumée, coleslaw, sauce BBQ with french fries

Interested in what our next post will be? Top 5 things to do in Paris is coming next! See you soon.