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OOTD#4 {London Edition} [the Colour RED]

Updated: Jan 15, 2019

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Ciao Humans! Welcome back, I'm glad you're here!

The next destination on my journey is London, England.

Hardy's Magical Emporium Candy Shop

Everywhere I look the color red seems to surround me here. It is literally all that I see. The buildings and signs all grabbing my attention... leading you to eat here, buy this, walk this way. And as you can guess, the color red is the inspiration for today's look. It catches your eye without even trying. As I walk the streets of London my over-sized red mesh shirt is sure to catch the eyes of each and every passerby. I've layered the red mesh with a lightweight white crew-neck shirt. In order to tone the look down a bit I paired it with an army fatigue hooded jacket which is needed for the chilly weather. I picked up the jacket from the Westfield London mall and for a very low price of only about 9 euros ($10.46). While in London, why not wear British flag socks and top the look off with red reflective glasses that I bought at a local London Souvenir shop.

I couldn't let this little girl with lavender braids not be shared with the world. Definitely caught me by surprise.

Outfit Stripdown:

-Over-sized Red Loose Mesh Shirt (Asos)

-White tight-knit mesh Shirt (Asos)

-Blue denim shirts (H&M)

-British Flag Socks (Zara London)

-Reebok Classics


London, England

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