• Howl Carter

OOTD#3 [Up up & AWAY+]

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

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Ciao Humans! Do you ever think about your younger self and just laugh at the things you did?

I have a quick story for you all. Eight years ago in 2010 I created what is technically the first Silken Havoc Blog. I would mostly post my favorite music videos, occasionally I'd post snapshots of fashion shows and art work as well. I posted on that "blog" for the about 19 days and then I just stopped. Funny thing is after so many years have passed I completely forgot about that blog. In 2016 when I launched silkenhavoc.com, I stumbled upon that blog again. Just imagine all the throwback music from Lil' Twist, K. Michelle, and Eric Hassle that I came across. The other day somebody told me that they found that blog when searching for this one and they had a good laugh from it. I'm sure you're wondering what's the point of this story. Well, I'm getting there. So the tag line for the original blog was "Art isn't just a hobby, art is a lifestyle". Now as a young entrepreneur when I saw this sweatshirt by Mena Darre photographer and CEO of RespectHerGrind, I had to purchase one. I thought it would be a perfect focal point of today's outfit of the day post.

This is a casual look that I'd wear on a Saturday running errands during the day before a night out with friends.

Outfit Stripdown:

-Grey Denim Sleeveless Jacket (Avalon Exchange)

-Entrepreneurship Sweatshirt (RespectHerGrind.com)

-Blue denim jeans (H&M)

-Adidas Tubular Shadow (Foot Locker)

-Nope Heart Enamel Pin (Urban Outfitters)

Always aim high and shoot for your goals. You'll can't succeed if you never try. Take the leap.

One thing about my style is that its definitely a bit quirky, conservative one day and super chill the next day. I'm all about pushing my own boundaries in my fashion. I love layers and I love pops of color. I don't believe in matching my denims and I'm not opposed to wearing mix matched socks on a regular basis. I cuff my pants often because they're skeet. Lets be real, every outfit isn't picture perfect and air brushed liked the magazines. I don't intend for it to appear to be either.

I'm a sucker for accessories as many of you will learn. Enamel pins are a cool way for me to refresh and add a little something something to a look.

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