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How I got started Knitting + Knitting Tour | Knit & Chat EP. 2 | Howl Carter (Video Included)

We had the opportunity to take over a local middle and high schools Instagram and host

another LIVE “Knit and Chat” with students. We love being able to share the arts and Howl's experience as a knitter with young people! During this pandemic its so important to find new ways to connect.Thank you to all the students, family, friends and community members that joined our live session it was a blast. I'm honored to be able to share the things I love with you all. Don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and comment letting us know what projects you're working on right now and what questions do you have about Howl Carter as a creative. All you knitters and friends out there please join us next time for our next "Knit & Chat" Live! .

Though this Event has Now Ended! Join us next time for “Knit and Chat” LIVE on @SilkenHavoc Instagram!!!!!! .

All the knitters and creatives have something to work on and if you don’t knit... join and chat with us again soon! Howl will be answering questions and listening to music. See you there next. . Be on the lookout for our next one. Info will be posted on our social media accounts:

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