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Howl's Top 10 Travel Tips {for Domestic & International travel}

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

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Ciao Humans! Many of you that know me, know that during the year I rarely take days off from work and wait until summer to travel. That time is finally here! I'm excited to begin my #HowlsTravelBlogSeries as I'll be taking a pretty lengthy trip during the month of June to several places and will be blogging about my domestic and international travel experiences here on www.silkenhavoc.com. As my travel blog series swings into full effect I figured I'd share some of my favorite travel tips which help for smooth travel preparation and a stress-free travel journey.

Photo Taken: Albert Einstein Memorial, Washington ,D.C.


As a person that has done a decent amount of travel, I've looked back at trips I've taken and thought to myself, "I definitely could have done some things differently", to ensure that the trip was smooth and as stress-free as possible. A travel calendar is a great way to make sure you have all of your important information in one place and have your trip planned out. I've created a sample travel calendar presented to the left which resembles what a portion of my trip will look like to New York City and the Washington D.C./Maryland area. There is nothing worse than having to fumble around right before a check point, boarding a bus/plane and not being able to find a confirmation number when you need it. I find that a travel calendar helps to keep you organized. You'll always know what's next, where your going and when you need to be there. I like to put all confirmation numbers, important phones numbers (i.e hotels, Airbnb, travel help lines), dates, times and locations (i.e address to a show you'll be attending, bus station, a friends house) and emergency contacts just in case.

Click here to begin creating your own travel calendar using a easy downloadable calendar.

Tip 2: Keep a copy

Almost as important as having travel calendar; is being sure to leave a copy of your travel calendar with a couple of trusted people back home as a back up. In addition make sure to have a hard copy that you'll keep with you at all times during your travels and also have an electronic version that you can access on your phone via email or a screenshot. Lastly, be sure to have copies of important documents you may need.

Tip 3: Roll, Roll your clothes

I've been using this trick for years now when packing. It was years ago when I came across it and when I tried it I was able to make so much more room in my luggage and pack more efficiently. In addition to rolling your clothes, also use space that would usually go unused such as your shoes. Shoes are a great place to stuff underwear and socks. A bonus tip is to put your more fragile items towards to center of your luggage when packing so it is surrounded by softer items and less likely to be damaged or broken during baggage handling.

Tip 4: USE a Packing Checklist

Packing can make or break your trip. Click here to check out the ultimate packing checklist from Smartertravel.com. You don't want to forget anything and this checklist can help you to stay on track when packing and help to make sure you'll have just what you need.

Tip 5: Leave A Little Room

When you are packing you'll probably think a lot about what to bring. Making sure you plan for all the potential weather changes, activities you'll do, going out, etc. But don't forget to think about the souvenirs you may bring back for friends and family as well as the new clothing items you may purchase while traveling that you hadn't initially accounted for when you first packed. For this reason make sure you leave a bit a room in your luggage so you have space for newly purchased items.

Tip 6: Notify the bank

Before you leave for your trip contact your bank and let them know your travel destinations and the dates that you will be there. If the bank believes suspicious activity is occurring on your bank or credit card a hold may be put on your cards. While this may be less of a hassle when traveling domestically, it can be a huge issue while traveling internationally because phone connection may be an unavailable and contacting your bank may present itself to be difficult. Being stranded in another country can cause lots of stress and discomfort when you are unable to access funds. Contacting your bank and letting them know about your travel plans are very simple and quick and can done by phone or email.

Photo Taken : Harlem, New York

Tip 7: Bring a passport holder

Lambert Airport , St. louis
Lambert Airport , St. Louis

I picked up a very inexpensive passport holder from Target. I found it to be convenient to be able to keep important travel items such as my passport, trip calendar, boarding pass, ID, credit cards and even chewing gum for the plane ride in a single location. It makes things much easier and access is at arms reach. I sometime carry my passport holder even once I reached my destination because everything I need is right there. However, it's very important to make sure you keep up with it because if you aren't accustomed to carrying something like a passport holder on a regular basis, it can be easy to sit down somewhere and leave it behind. So be careful.

Tip 8: Bring a camera

While traveling it is important to be in the moment and to enjoy what is right in front of you. But let's be honest in a era of social media, you'll want to take lots of pictures not only to post on social media but also so you can document your travels. You encounter lots of beautiful sights, fun memories with friends and family. Before you know it your trip will come to an end and you'll want to be sure you've captured all the amazing moments. A bonus tip is to make sure you charge your camera battery prior to going on your trip so that you begin with 100% battery charge, don't forget to bring your charger as well and bring a couple of extra memory cards depending on how long your trip will be. Trust me, it is not fun having to delete photos because you have run out of space in order to make room for new ones, especially when you haven't saved your photos yet.

Harlem, New York

Tip 9: Bring a neck pillow

This tip doesn't need much explanation other than... planes and bus trips are rarely very comfortable. Do yourself a favor and spend $10 on a neck pillow. You'll thank me later!

Photo Taken: Harlem, New York

Tip 10: Have fun & be safe!!!

Stay tuned for more travel blogs coming this summer and as always. Thanks for reading!

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