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Howl does The WENDY Williams Show!

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

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How you doin' ?

Some of you may have seen by now but I was an audience member on a recent taping of the Wendy Williams show and it went a little something like this.

It's taping day, so I get up early in the morning and I Uber downtown to the Wendy studio. I make it about ten minutes too late and they let me know that I won't be allowed in for the days live taping.

But wait! I ask if there is any way I can be added to the following days taping and the answer is "Yes!". I come back even earlier the next day. Fast forward and I'm back, this time two and a half hours early for the taping and the 36th person in line. I have no doubt that I'll get in.

As everyone in line is let in, we are led into a holding room where we have to wait about one hour until we are let onto the studio set to take our seats as audience members. Until that time we're each told that, " today is 'Ask Wendy' and that we must complete a questionnaire with the potential of being able to ask our question live on the days show to Wendy Williams", and receive her golden feedback.

As guests begin to complete the questionnaire a Wendy staff person comes around and collects them. I hand my in and not too long after. I hear an announcement,"The following people please follow me!". They begin calling names and then they call my name. They lead us over to a back area separate from the waiting room and line about 10 guests along a wall. We are told that after reading over the questions of the room, we had the questions that stood out the most. When it was my turn I was asked about my question, which was advice about a good friend that I had fallen out with and hadn't talked to in a while. They let us know that we would find out who was chosen later during a commercial break of the live taping.

After this we head back to the the waiting room. When its finally time to head to the Wendy set, we go to a huge loading elevator that holds about 60 people at a time and they pack us in single file like sardines. We are directed to our seats and the fun begins. The live DJ plays music, the audience dances and the hype man Marco Glorious encourages us up and out of our seats, meeting neighbors and leads a few games for guests to win prizes. Once we are all energizes and excited. They takgo over expectations, encourage us to be expressive but natural taping begins.

Here are the Wendy segments from the days taping let me know I you can spot me!

Kate Spade Dead at 55

Kyle Richards' "American Woman"

Unfortunately, I didn't get to ask my question to Wendy but check out the 2:15 minute mark for my not so subtle lean back into the frame... anything goes for another 3 seconds of camera time. The clip cracks me up... see it below.

After taping I was able to take some snapshots of the set and even managed to take a selfie with Wendy in the background. I had a really good time and the Wendy show and the tickets are free. I definitely recommend it if you're ever in New York

Once I left the show I was starving and something to eat.

What's on the menu: Bread Co. - Chicken Avocado Melt, Corn Chowder Soup, Peach Blueberry Smoothie and an Apple

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