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Friends From Florence, Italy to Time Square, NYC

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

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Ciao Humans!

My senior year of undergraduate college I studied abroad in Florence, Italy for four months. While in Italy I studied the arts and it was an amazing experience. The Italian culture is so beautiful and full of life, the food is untouchable and the art and architecture are to die for. I made many great friends while there, Megan is one of them. I was a dream come true to be able to see her on this trip again. When I decided to do this travel blog series and realized New York would be one of the places I would visit, I immediately reached out to her in hopes that we would be able to meet up during my visit. Luckily we were able to make it happen.

We met up in Time Square. The visit was short and sweet but every minute of it was so refreshing. We walked around, talked and caught up on whats new in our lives. We had dinner and reminisced on many of the hilarious stories from our time abroad in Italy from our professors and classes, the spicy personalities we encountered on the streets of Italy to the day trips we took to near by cities. It has been fours since we've seen each other, even though we have always stayed in contact. I love that you never know where life will take you or who you will be contacted with. In this case I have made a life-long friend. As we talked it was like we started right where we left off so many year ago.

Time Square

Time Square with Megan

We had to take our obligatory photo in the center of Time Square. After we went to Shack Shake and had a bite to eat.

Shake Shack

I had the shack burger, cheese fries and Oreo mocha shake.

Shake Shack

Time Square, New York

As always thanks for joining me on this journey and I look forward to seeing you at my next stop. For now it's all smiles!