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DIY with Howl [He's a maniac- Graphic Design T-Shirt]

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

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Ciao Humans and happy Monday! I figured I'd begin this week with a pop! A pop of color that is.

I created this super cool and colorful DIY graphic t-shirt design that is certain to be my go to statement t-shirt starting today.

Materials Needed:

-Fabric Markers (assortment of colors)



-Reference Drawing

-Cardstock or Clear Overlay Paper

Optional Materials:


-Silkscreen Ink

-Silkscreen Squeegee

One thing I personally enjoy when it comes to style and fashion is not only being able to express oneself but in my case I also love being able to create items that I and others can wear, whether it be scarves, jewelry or t-shirts such as this one. As an artist it makes my personal style even more authentically my own when I create wearable art and wardrobe pieces. In the DIY tutorial video you will see me complete a one of a kind t-shirt design inspired by a drawing I created.

I love this drawing because its very distinct, the figure in the image has piercing green googly eyes, a uni-brow and uses color in a way that really catches your eye. However, for your shirt design you can use what ever drawing or image you like.

I pre-cut a stencil of my reference image that has key outlines that I planned to use as a guide when coloring my t-shirt to ensure accuracy and later to create clean black outlines using the screen printing method to really make my image pop when finished. However, these are steps that you don't necessarily have to take. You can modify this project by drawing your image freehand and refer to a reference image as a visual guide if you prefer. Instead of using a silk screen you can outline your finished drawing with a black or dark colored fabric maker.

Check out the video below to see how I made this DIY insanely colorful t-shirt:

As always I hope you enjoyed today's post and DIY tutorial video! If you haven't already checked out our blog post, click here for more. Click here to see how Howl styles this DIY t-shirt. Check out the sneak peek below!

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