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DIY Jogger Shorts & Tank Top | DIY Summer Sweatsuit| Howl Carter

Summer is almost here and you're on a budget!There is nothing worse than the season changing and you're stuck wearing the same clothes from the last season. For that very reason I decided to try my hand at flipping some inexpensive Walmart items into clothes that I would actually want to wear and feel confident in. Here is a simple diy that won't break the bank and that you should definitely try. Jogger Athleisure 2 piece sets can be pretty expensive, especially with name brand options ranging anywhere from $60 and up. Who wants to pay that much? I don't most of you know that I am a penny pinching fashionisto. I love to look put together without spending all my money on clothing items. For someone like me that doesn't often wear chill clothes or jogger/sweatsuits this was the perfect diy to help me switch up my look and create great a new fit that I can hit the summer streets in. Check out the "How to - DIY video" below as well as pictures I took along the way to creating this awesome jogger Set! Let me know what you think!

Check out the video to see how I did it!

The Creative Process


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