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Art Hoe Quote Trousers| Silkscreen Print (Video Included)

Updated: May 21, 2020

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Ciao Humans,

In today's society we often see so many stereotypes and notions associated with blackness and the ways in which blackness is expected to exist, to be expressed, preformed and perceived. At the same time similar tropes can be said for people of color from various backgrounds and demographics. In my experience as a man that identifies as inclusively black, gay and an artist; finding spaces that make me feel most authentically myself and free to be myself in whatever form that may take; very often doesn't exist and feels like it is not readily accessible. In many ways this concept is what helped to birth silkenhavoc.com. Silkenhavoc.com is a place that allows me to create and express as an artist and creative without being questioned. Often it feels like safe places are those in which we have to create for ourselves.

The 'art hoe' movement is most likely not at all what it may sound like. At its initial hear sake, also known as 'art ho' is a term coined from Tumblr used to describe a person of color that has an interest in any type of art. The term is not exclusive to people of color but can also be used for allies as well. From my understanding the 'art hoe' movement is used to combat the idea black people can't be multifaceted in their expression especially as it pertains to art. The movement has become very notable giving voice and an outlet to artists of color and allies. The idea is that this is another movement created by us for us. Thanks to online and offline platforms the 'art hoe' movement is able to thrive.

In this blog check out how Howl creates a pair of diy art hoe quote trousers. For this diy project, the silkscreen method is used to adorn a pair of camo trousers with quotes and cool images. The full video tutorial YouTube video is below. See the video to see this unique diy. Check it out to see how to create your art hoe quote trousers today!

Full Tutorial Video

DIY- Art HOE Quote Trousers


Silkscreen fabric Ink

Stencils & Images

Plastic Utensils




Xacto Knife

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