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Apollo Theatre Spring Gala 2K18!{Howl's Cinderfella Moment}

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Ciao Humans! Has anyone seen my glass loafer? I lost it on my way home...

The day is Monday, June 4th, I sit in my room in basketball shorts and a t-shirt; the clock strikes 6 pm in Harlem, New York. It's the night of the Apollo Gala which I'll be attending at 7 pm and I'm no where near ready. I'm not sure how I've lost track of time and now I am in a rush to get ready. I jump up, take a shower and frantically begin getting dressed. Before I know it... bippity boppity boo and I'm ready for the Gala.

I head down stairs and hop in my chariot, a Hyundai Elantra operated by an Uber driver. We dash off, block by block getting closer and closer to the Apollo Theatre. Finally we arrive at the theatre as the Gala begins. I get out of the car. I look up and there is the grand Apollo Theatre sign. I meet the door man, show my entry ticket and forward I go. I walk through a row of servers with trays of signature drinks and snacks and I grab a drink as I make my way to my seat.

I sit down at my seat and begin to admire the beauty of the theatre. A theatre I grew up watching on television and one day dreaming of being able to experience myself. It feels good to be here is this moment.

The event begins with the hilarious David Alan Grier hosting, next came LL Cool J comes on stage and presents an award. The performances begin. I look down at my program and I realize that Brandy is no longer on the run of show. A little piece of me was dissapointed that I wouldn't be able to see her. However, 90's superstars Tony Toni Tone and Salt-N-Pepper did. They did amazing jobs.

And then it happened, Brandy walks on stage and my dreams came true and all is right with the world again. Many of you know I have a deeeeeeeep love for Brandy. As I watched Brandy sing, with each and every run I was having my very own Cinderfella moment. The melodic beauty of her voice was enough in that moment to ensure me that my night could not be topped.

(Note) I do not own/did not record this video, the music or footage within it.

Newer artist also perform such as 4th Ave, showtime at the Apollo’s Sarah Ikumu & Amateur Night at the Apollo's Stars of Tomorrow winner, Aidan Doran. The crowd is so lively, roaring the songs back at the stage and the place really comes to live during all of the performances. The room was full with so much, love, life, history and outstanding music.

After the Gala ends, I attend the after party which is held in a grand outdoor tent. I exit the rear of the Apollo and get on the shuttle that transports guest with red after party tickets to the post event. As we enter the venue I hand over my red ticket. Live drum bands play accompanied by dancers popping and giving their all to the beat. Aerial fabric acrobatics craddle the skies of the tent as they do tricks flying overhead. The DJ plays music and the dance floor is immediately full. We all dance, eat and drink the night away! It was a night to remember.


I do not own/did not record this video, the music or footage within it. They are complimentary of Youtube.com and all rights/ownership are given to their creators and Youtube. However, please watch and enjoy the performances of my night at Apollo.

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