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20 FUN Social Distancing Activities #StayHOMEsavelives

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

Howl's - Social Distance Activity Guide

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Let's be honest...

right now times are hard. You're getting bored of being at home and this whole social distancing business is nowhere near being over. You can't think of anything new to do and you're losing your mind either alone at home, with family, friends, sibling or with your kids. I'm right there with you. So I thought it would be a good idea to share my top 20 suggestions of activities you can do while social distancing. All of these activities are things I am actually doing and practicing while social distancing. Also, I included some personal videos, instructions and links to make this process a little easier. We can get through this together!

1. Clean underneath your fingernails

First thing, first, while Covid 19 has us all staying at home, this is the perfect time to focus on personal hygiene. This includes practicing hand washing for 20 seconds with soap, cleaning dirt and grime from underneath your fingernails and using hand sanitizer. Brushing your teeth and tongue, covering your mouth when sneezing and coughing as well as coughing into your elbow. Showering with soap and bathing. While everyone doesn't have access to all hygiene resources, if you do you should be using them and practicing good hygiene regimens. Right now is a great time to evaluate your overall personal cleanliness and hygiene.

2. Do a DIY Photoshoot

If you're at home and have nothing but time on your hands consider doing an at-home photoshoot. This is a fun activity to do with children. This doesn't have to be anything extravagant. Just use your camera phone and a good source of light and begin shooting. Its alright to get creative make costumes, play in makeup, try something out of the ordinary. This is something you can also do alone.

Here's one of my very first DIY photoshoots. Right now is the perfect time for creatives and small business owners to stockpile photos and content. This was a photoshoot I did back when I first started blogging it was for an 'Outfit of the day' for a blog post titled 'Kufi Down To My Socks'. Check it out here.

3. Create a TikTok

The internet craze that is taking over the nation during Corona Break right now is TikTok, though I prefer Thriller. This can be a great family friendly activity to do while in the house with family and smaller children! You can use these apps to create popular dance videos, skits, recreate viral videos or whatever you want. There is also endless content from other creators to enjoy on the apps. Celebrities like Meghan the Stallion, KeKe Palmer, Donte Colley and IAmZoie are joining in on the fun as well. Download one these apps today. Links below:

Download TikTok: Here

Download Thriller: Here

Check out Celebrity TikTok's below:

Keke Palmer #SavageChallenge - LINK HERE

IAmZoie #SavageBalletChallenge - LINK HERE

Donte Colley #CookieKawaii - LINK HERE

4.Revamp old Clothes

I'm sure you have some old clothes that you aren't really ready to throw away but don't really want to wear anymore. Try revamping them. Paint them, cut them up, embroider them and customize them. here's how I revamped an old fedora hat and gave it new style and purpose.

5. Try a new Pinterest recipe

Being at home and having to cook has caused me to have to branch out of my comfort zone. As a person that goes out to eat often, things have really changed for me now that I am cooking at home more often. Pinterest is my go-to.

6. Read a Book

This one is pretty simple. Pick up that book you've been putting off or get into some e-reads and let your imagination wander. Here's my current read, "Failing Up - Learning to take risks, aim higher, and never stop learning" by Leslie Odom Jr.

7. Have a movie Marathon

Here are 20 flicks on NetFlix and Roku that I've been watching lately:


1. Self-Made

2. Nailed It!

3. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

4. American Son

5. Styling Hollywood

6. Black Lightning

7. Versace

8. Love is Blind

9. I Am Not Okay With This

10. Raising Dion

11. Moonlight

12. To all the boys I've loved before

13. Sextuplets

14. Space Jam

15. Better than us


16. Good Hair

17. All dogs go to Heaven

18. Jason's Lyric

19. What's Happening?

20. The Simple Life

8. Create and Share a Playlist

Here's the link to my latest Apple Music playlist with over 350 songs and over 20 hours worth of music:

Stay Up Apple Mucis Playlist

Click Link Below to Start listening

- https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/stay-up-playlist/pl.u-gxblgJ4FbYpZ6Nv

9. Learn to Knit

I've personally been knitting for over ten years. It's a great activity to do in your down time, while watching tv or a movie. Right now with so much extra time knitting helps me to feel productive when I'm really doing nothing at all. The materials to knit are pretty inexpensive and this activity is also family friendly. Resources like YouTube is a great place to find tutorials that will teach you step by step how to knit.

10. Start a YouTube Channel

Since your sitting at home... there is no better time to document your experience! Make a YouTube channel. Share a special skill or talent on your channel.

Here's what you need to know about my YouTube channel! And if you like what you see don't forget to subscribe to my channel.

Here you will see videos from Howl Carter artist and creator of www.silkenhavoc.com. This YouTube channel is in association with silkenhavoc.com. Silken Havoc is a lifestyle, fashion and DIY blog. Originally the brand began in 2016 as a online shop selling handmade and knitted items. In 2018 we launched our blog and today Silken Havoc stands as a online shop and blog, as of Jan 2019 we have officially launched our YouTube channel! Join us weekly here with Howl Carter to see more from him and Silken Havoc!

11. Listen to a podcast

Podcasts are a great alternative to listening to music and reading. I typically like to listen to podcasts while exercising or doing chores, podcast really help to take your mind off of what you are doing.

Here are some podcasts that I've been listening to:

1. TheHimPodcast

2. JessTeepodcast

3. Ok, Ak! Podcast

12. Do your own nails

So you've cleaned underneath your nails... Now what? The nail salon is closed... and your nails are busted... I get it. This is a rough time and as the person that is the typically the only guy in the nail salon getting a colorful gel manicure, im struggling too. Luckily I learned how to do my own nails long before Covid 19 closed all non-essential businesses. but always remember if you stay ready... you won't have to get ready. Take a stab a doing your own nails. It may not be the fancy full set you may be use to but it's what you've got right now.

13. Start a blog

Here are some Blogs that I Like:

1. AkBrownSTL - Fashion & Style

2. SilkenHavoc - Art & LifeStyle

3. Mena Darre - Business Strategy

4. Dj Issac Likes - Music

5. ItsARockyWorld - Beauty & Style

6. BrownSugarDaze - Foster Care & Parenting

7. Denny Balmaceda - Menswear & Style

8. Articles of Style - Menswear & Tailoring

14. Write a poem

Now is a good time to write that screen play that you've been putting off, start journaling, write that novel or write that book of poen you've always wanted to.

15. Design your Own T-Shirt

Do you like to draw? Try using fabric markers or any markers or materials that you have at home and create t-shirt that will be uniquely your own.

16. Go on a nature adventure

Here are five nature experiences you can do now:

1. Go for a walk in the park

2. Go for a hike

3. Go on a scavenger hunt

4. Take photos of nature, insects, animals or landscapes

5. Go on a nature run

TOP 3 things I learned from my recent nature experience: Vlog Video Below

1. Friends should not stand up and attempt to twerk while kayaking... this will give you a heart attack!

2. Spiders are not your friend. They will try to eat you!

3. Nature isn't all that bad, minus the heat stroke and I should give nature shenanigans a try more often! Many of you know that I'm not a big fan of nature and being exposed to the elements... well let's just say its not really my thing.

17. Clean & Declutter your Home

After I realized I would be at home for an extended amount of time, the first thing I did was spring clean. It was easier to be a space that was a bit cluttered prior to now because I was often in and out. In to sleep and out for everything else. Now is the perfect time to clean your closet, downsize your clothes that you can no longer and declutter that junk drawer and all the spaces in your home you've been neglecting.

18. Do a At-Home Workout

Here are ten at home workouts

1. Run in place Jump Rope

2. Power Band Squats

2. Push Ups

3. Wall Sits

4. Tricep dips (using chair)

5. Weighted Lunges (using heavy backpack)

6. Burpees

7. Mountain Climbers

8. Bicycle Crunches

9. Stretch

10. Jumping Jacks

I do not own the music in this video

19. Get some rest

Even though you may want to fill every waking minute of your day with an activity... remember that now is the time to rest if you can. Yes, sleep can be boring but it's not often that you have the time to catch up on sleep.

20. Make at-home Body Butter


This recipe will produce enough whipped body butter to fill a 20 Oz. container.

-RAW African Shea Butter (1/2 Cup)

-Natural Pure Mango Butter (1/2 Cup)

-Organic Virgin Coconut Oil (1/2 Cup)

-100% Natural Jojoba Oil ( 1 Oz.)

-100% Pure Orange Essential Oil ( 5 Drops)

-100% Pure Lemongrass Essential Oil (5 Drops)

Click link for additonal details


Stay well, stay positive, stay sanitized and stay healthy.